This trip was a dream coming true!

So, a friend of mine from the Gold Coast has launched a brand and she invited me to go to Fiji with her to shoot her second collection. "Giiiirrl I'm packing!" haha

Traveling to a paradise to do what you love sounds amazing right? It was better than this. We did work hard, but we had some time off surfing, chilling, eating good food... This location! seriously! Love it!

If you haven't been there yet you should consider it for your next destination. It's just around 3hours flight from Australia, you can find pretty good accommodations for an affordable price, I loved the waves, the food...

BTW with Hannah. Thank you for joining the team ;)

Barefoot for life.


We stayed at the FIJI BEACH HOUSE, its located on the Coral Coast of Viti Levu, about 2 hours by car from the airport. You can also get a bus from the airport, super easy.

The good about the Beach House it's in its main island and the resort it's away from everything. Its a really relaxing place.

They have a daily free yoga class and premier surf school and also a dive center.

The waves break a 20 min paddle from the coast I guess? We went for surfing but we got the boat that leaves when the waves are good (lazyy girls, I had to save my arms for the shooting, ha!).

There was an arvo that we were surfing, about 5 of us, it was a bit sunny between clouds and started to rain a little bit... the most beautiful rainbow I've seen in a while! It was a full rainbow, strong colors, and all the palm trees in the background... magical!

That's why is called Coral Coast. You better look for where you're walking. Of course, I hit them a thousand times.

Every arvo, at 3:30 pm they serve coffee/ tee with scones and jam. So yummy!

Surrounded by palm trees.

Got that sunset pic. lol

Is that enough blue for you? Thats how the ocean looks just at the front.

dinners menu were the best!! Local fish with spich leaves and cassava with coconut cream.

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