We have been following the Urbnsurf for a while and when we found the news on their Instagram that they would open a wave park in Melbourne we got really excited. As soon they opened the park for the public we got our tickets and fights. Yaay!

We live on the Gold Coast, super easy to get there, just a 2 hours flight and the Park its located a few mins drives from the airport. 

So, we had a 3 days trip with 2 days booked at the pool and we took one day to drive to Bells and to chill around.

 I absolutely loved Melbourne, even it was raining and cold (I'm not a winter person at all) and I'm super keen to do this trip again. I think the city is so alive, the beaches so wild and just to give another star to the city they have opened the Urbnsurf, at least they have no sharks in there! 


As soon we put our feet in Melbourne we got the shuttle from the Airport to the place where we rented the car, very close to the Urbnsurf. 

We had our first sesh at 2 pm, so we went straight there. 

We were with a couple of friends. Julia and I got the intermediary left first.  The paddle out is super easy, there's a strong current that helps you to get out there super quickly. Also if you get stuck in a wave better to paddle out and get in again close to the wall. Save your arms, you're gonna need it if you've booked a few hours in a day.

  So, that's how it work. Its a maximum of 18 people per sesh and you paddle and keep in the position, one behind the other. You just wait in the queue for your turn. If you fell off you have to paddle to the inside and get back to the queue.  Don't waste a wave as well, if it's your turn you should go. People might be nice on some occasions depending on the situation but that's how it should be.  In your first time you might struggle a little bit to get the thing properly, it happened with me, but once you understand the wave it's sick!   

Can you see that blue flag on the left side of the picture below? That's where your take-off should be. So you kinda just wait a bit behind it for your wave! So exciting!!! The first ones are the best ones during the session, but the last 20min they pump the waves, they get bigger and better for my taste. 

If you're doing the Intermediate, they pump the waves at the end and they get like the start of the advanced. And if you are on the advanced session, the last 20 min the wave set up is going to change for the barrels mode. 

The price for a 50 min session in the advanced mode cost you around $ 79 aus dollars and the intermediate session is a bit cheaper, during weekdays starting at $ 59 aus dollars. 

In both modes you are going to score at least 10 waves per session, that's why I think its worth it. There's no way I can get this many waves in such a small time in the ocean, and that's actually a decent wave. Sickkkk

If you're thirsty for stronger waves and tubes you can book a private session in what they call the beast mode. 

I didn't do it great, but I got some mad lefts. I just took one board, that's  5`7`` and only has 24l. I am 1-55m tall and I think a surfboard with a bit of more volume would be better considering it was superwind.

Then the boyz went. And I went again with Ruy at 6 pm, and at this time we tried the advanced right. I love rights. Again.. it was wind but I felt comfier surfing the advanced right. I think I was missing a bit of wave size and push... I had really fun at this session, my favorite so far.  

On the next day, I did the intermediate right. Again, I felt the struggle with the board to complete a maneuver and keep on the wave. Kinda was missing the wave but it was still fun.

We're definitely keen to go back asap. I need to get a new surfboard, just haven't figured out what I need yet.  

Urbnsurf. That was my first shot of the trip!  

Ladies first! Straight to the pool! 

Do you see that dots? Line of ducks paddling to the waiting spot.    

The place is not finished yet, they still building some areas like the kid's playground,  the spa, and covered area gets really wet when it's raining. It would be good to have a dry place to sit and stay protected from the rain when we were waiting for the next session.

But that happened in a day that was raining pretty heavy. The waves are ready, that's important ;) and they have an amazing HOT outdoor shower.

On our second day, we started the sessions at the pool super early, we had to take turns so someone would look after Dylan.  It was pouring rain on the day before and it was a bit of a mission to stay at the pool entertaining Dylan cause it was all soaked wet and cold.

We had a few hours apart from the next book at the pool, so we've decided to check on the city. Thank God it was nice and warm on that day and even the sun put his face out. I absolutely loved the city. Had the feeling of being at home, probably its that energy that a big city brings, lots of people, lots of things happening at the same time. I love watching. Love the bars and restaurants.

  I love this shot.  Sunset time from the bridge .  

  Cheers to another epic surf trip with you.    









On our last day, we drove to the cost to see the iconic Bells Beach but it was super cold and windy so we couldn't have a taste of the world's most famous right point break... Well at least now we have a excuss to come back haha    

The place is beautiful! Would love to explore the beach on a sunny day! 

This is just the start of the Great Ocean road. Can you imagine how many amazing places like that you can find in this blessed coast?
This photo was taken from one of the hundreds of lookouts that you will find along the drive.  

After checking on the beaches we went to a place called surf city, you can find all the best surf brands and the complex has coffee shops and restaurants as well.

We found a nice Mexican restaurant and then we grabbed some coffee to head back to the city.

  My favorite person on earth.   

Tacos and beer. 

 Dylan's checking someone else mailbox.    

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