Yaay! My first blog post! How exciting! =)

I've decided to add a bit of a story behind my babes (photography). I think I'll be doing this especially about trips and some work shots, let's see! Kinda like it already! lol

Soo, today it's all about MALDIVES, what a place! I haven't traveled the whole world but I'm pretty sure it's one of the best places on earth!

It was a family surf trip. I'm gonna give you some information and if you have a baby or kids this place is a dream!) Soo, a lot to tell you, jump in with me!

I was crazy for a holiday! I've been a full-time mum since my lill boy was born. We picked the Maldives as a destination for many reasons. First, because it's not thaat far from Australia, second because of the dream waves and most of all we wanted a place that we could actually enjoy the holiday (with a little one it can be kinda a mission depending on the place) and they have palm trees everywhere! so yeap, I'm keen! =)

We stayed at the HOLIDAY IN in Kandooma.

The resort its in a private little island just 40min by speedboat from Male airport.

We stayed for 9 nights in this paradise and I got to tell you; Everyone deserves a trip like this one in life. So, Maldives it's not going to be a cheap trip, but at the Holiday Inn in you really feel that you are in a 5 stars resort and it's much more affordable than others resorts aand you gotta your private wave! This place its worth every penny! Turquise water, perfect waves, good food, confy bed, open air shower, they have kids club, pool, yoga classes, diving (people that we talked to sayed its insane!), the staff is amazing... you wont miss a thing there!


The Resort is located at the South Male Atoll. Kandooma its one of the best rights of Maldives, its a private wave just at the front. Yeap, private! How good is to surf perfect waves and no crowd?

If you want to surf, you actually have to get a pass, pay a part for each person surfing with the "Perfect Wave". It also allows you to get in the boat that leaves from up to 3 times a day to find other options.

We scored 2 left handles, small but in a perfect condition with no one out. You can ask the Perfect Wave guides for the conditions, they are pretty keen to take you to the spots the suit your surf level better.

HUnn and the breakie! After a morning sesh, nothing better than food right? They literally have everything you possibly want to have...

I don't know about you guys, but it's crazy to think that you are on a little private island, and that's all part of the resort.

The customer service is outstanding, they are always happy, its kids friendly... perfect waves, your family, tropical weather... what else do you need on a holiday?

I liked also that you can eat and drink at different bars and restaurants on the Island. They have a rooftop bar that it's perfect for a cocktail at sunset time and downstairs an a la carte restaurant. They have a wood fire oven and a bar in the pool area and a buffet. Kids aged 12 and under eat for free. They have a special Kids menu with healthy options and burgers and pizza...





The surf

At the Holiday Inn Resort Maldives, you are gonna surf the Kandooma, it's a private right and a short paddle. Everything regarding surfing at the Kandooma it's with the Perfect Wave. As I said before, you book a surf pack per person with them to be able to surf at the island and also allows you to get in the boat that leaves many times per day to find waves around, right or left, help yourself!

The season goes from March to the end of October. We stayed from the 9th to the 18t of October. The first 2 days the surf was epic at the front with a solid 4-5 foot. Then in 2 days, it got smaller at the Kandooma but we were able to find such a fun left 40 min by boat from the island. I had so much fun on that day! I didn't surf with more than 2 other people in the water at Kandooma and on the boat, there were just...hunn... maaybe 6 of us and other days less! The crew was amazing, heaps of waves and everybody was stoked!

When we would get in the boat to other spots, we booked the babysitting for our baby. Amazing that the Resort provides this service. We would live him at the Kids Club for about 3 hours while we were surfing on the boat and some paddles at the kandooma we would take turns. It worked just fine!

The Perfect Wave also has a surf shop that you can find all the gears that you need and also fix your boad if you need, I hope you don't! Another good thing its that you can travel light if you want to. They have a partnership with AWAYCO, that's an app where you can hire surfboards from all over the world for a very reasonable price. So you can find the best surfboards at the resort including Hayden Shapes, JS, Al Merrick.

The natural pool and some rights rolling at the back. There are two natural pools like this one on the island, perfect to take the little ones.

Full moon night. They have this amazing open-air bar. From one side I had the full moon and the other the sunset! ahhhhh that was a special night, got engaged a few hours later! =)

Every Thursday they feed the sharks. I have never seen one from so close! We spotted 3 different kinds of shark there. Black Tip Fin, White Tip Fin and the Nurse Sharp.

The boat leaves many times a day to find waves if there's none in Kandooma. Don't forget your sunscreen ladies, you're likely to spend some hours out there ;)

We didn't stay at the surf villas. We got the standard room. The room is great, with an open-air shower, a cute balcony and we loved the location of the room.

The Kids Club. A nice and super clean place with aircon to give a break of the heatwave to the little ones. The girls that take care of them are the cutest and they do lots of activities. Best of all. You don't have to pay more for it.

Do not trust the weather forecast! On our second day, we checked the forecast and it was thunderstorm for 5 days...Thank God it didn't happen... It was a bit cloudy on the next day, a bit of quickly raining arvos and that was it.

The whole island is a paradise. You can walk along palm trees and barefoot.

The resort was very quiet during our stay maybe because was ending the season. Lucky us, we prefer it like that. But I know they have live music and other activities during high season and that it can make the island busier.

I absolutely love outdoor's shower. The bathroom is big with a shower and a covered bath.

Best date ever! When you think life can't get any better... I had such a beautiful night. A special thanks to this guy for making this moment so unique. Cocktails during sunset and a private dinner set on the deck watching the stars... can I go back on time, like, now?

thanks for watching =)

I really hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I did.

Life is really all about these moments right. Im extremely grateful for been having so many beautiful moments like this one.

I cant wait share with you guys the next one!

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